Bobo Vieri DJ Show (DJ & Producer)
Bobo Vieri DJ Show
Pool Party, Omnia by Medasia
Fri 16 Aug 2019


CHRISTIAN VIERI, known as “Bobo Dj”, is no doubt one of the most influential Italian personalities of the last decades. He is a world football player superstar, successful businessman and a real Italian icon. The love of music that accompanies him since childhood has led him to become passionate about house music and then to transform that simple fun into a real passion.

Today his musical project has brought him to the stages of the most important Italian clubs along with a team of artists known on the national scene as the DJ and producer LUCA CASSANI, the singer and vocalist LARA CAPROTTI and the trumpeter STEFANO SERAFINI... this is what “BOBO Dj Show” means!

The “BOBO Dj Show” is a format in which HOUSE MUSIC, VOICE and LIVE MUSICIANS come together to give the pu- blic a unique experience. This artists are professionals among the main Italian performers of their kind and thanks to them Christian Vieri gives an important added value to his set.

LUCA CASSANI is a DJ and house producer, one of the best known in Italy. he has produced and remixed artists such as GIORGIO MORODER, SANDY RIVERA, BARRY WHITE, CE CE ROGERS, JOCELYN BROWN, DB BOULEVARD, ROBYN S, CERRONE, LAURA PAUSINI (Escucia Atento has won a Grammy Award) etc. He has also collaborated with labels such as DEFECTED, PURPLE, MALLIGATOR, TONSPIEL... his track GLUTTONY has been No.1 for weeks of the BEA- TPORT house chart and his constant collaboration with LARA CAPROTTI has produced hits like RESPECT and TROUBLE SO HARD. he still collaborates with the most important clubs in Italy as well as in the USA, ARGENTINA, PORTUGAL, SWITZERLAND, ALBANIA, INDONESIA, MONGOLIA etc.

LARA CAPROTTI is a singer and vocalist, one of the most famous in Italy... inspired by her passion for soul music and R&B on the age of 23 she moves to NEW YORK whe- re she becomes the MC Performer of the famous “MADE IN ITALY” show. After that she returns in Italy, passing throu- gh the coolest clubs of the Milan scene until arriving at the PINETA of Milano Marittima where she became the official voice for years, then moved on to the VILLA DELLE ROSE and PETER PAN in Riccone. As a singer she collaborates with some of the major Italian and non Italian producers, and together with LUCA CASSANI she has pro-duced hits such as RESPECT and TROUBLE SO HARD.

STEFANO SERAFINI is a performer and a trumpet player who has numerous collaborations with the most important names on the national scene. Graduated from the Conserva- tory of Cesena and specialised in the Rotterdam Conservatort, he has collaborated with some of the best Italian jazz musicians such as JIMMI VILLOTI and FABRIZIO BOSSO. He has played in RAI and MEDIASET television orchestras with masters like PEPPE VESSICCHIO and DEMO MORSEL- LI, in the band of VANONI, BOCELLI, GIORGIA, DALLA and many others. He has participated in the European tours of GLORIA GAYNOR, KID CREOLE, THE CURE, PHIL COLLINS... He was also part of the theatre tours of RAFFAELE PAGANINI, LORELLA CUCCARINI, ALESSANDRO GASSMAN and worked with the best italian and non-Italian musicians such as TULLIO DE PSICOPO.